Acts of God

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At Lambert’s, our commitment is to ensure that our products and services are consistently at the highest level of quality and professional standards.

To further reinforce this pledge, Lambert’s warrants that its work will be done in a good and workmanlike manner and further warrants against any substantial defect of workmanship performed for a varying period of time depending upon the nature of the work performed.

As it pertains to the living and breathing part of our work, plantings are guaranteed to be of high quality, healthy, vigorous and acclimated to the growing conditions of our North Texas region. Permanent plantings are therefore warrantied against failure for a period between one year (groundcover, vines and shrubs) and two years (large trees). However, there are some conditions that despite our best practices and efforts, simply can’t be prevented. In our business, these are referred to as “acts of God”.

An act of God event is when an unpreventable force of nature causes a harmful event – such as a violent storm, extreme temperature fluctuations, floods, fire, lightning, earthquake or other natural disaster, that results in damage to our garden plantings, hardscapes, and supporting infrastructure.

Events such as sustained periods of record-breaking heat, significant cold temperatures, too much or too little rainfall can all cause plants to suffer, experience permanent damage, or even perish.

As gardeners by heart and as trained professionals, rest assured that we will do everything possible to work with nature to prevent avoidable damage to the gardens. Accordingly, we routinely check all properties during periods of at-risk conditions and will advise our clients if we notice irregularities such as wilting, leaf drop, discoloration, and insect or fungal infestation and will determine possible causes of plant stress and recommend a course of action.

When plants unnecessarily suffer, no one wins.

Whereas we can’t assume responsibility for act of God events or other occurrences such as neglect, vandalism, or animal damage, Lambert’s stands ready to provide design, installation, construction and maintenance solutions to return your garden to our mutually desired expectations.

If you have any questions regarding specific product and service warranties or desire further assistance regarding the impact of severe weather on your garden and plantings, contact Melissa at 214-350-8350.

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