Let your garden feast on this!


On the menu in your garden this holiday is a nutrient-rich buffet of leaf mold—a microorganism and fungal-based compost that is a nutrient-rich year-end feast for your plants and soil

Lambert’s crews are sweeping up fall’s residual leaves, bagging them, and bringing them in to compost and create the custom leaf mold that will go back into your soil and flower beds as a premium, nutritious (and 100% chemical-free) mulch that contains twice the mineral content of manure.

We love it because it works.  We use it routinely in our fall-winter services because it’s one of the healthiest things you can do for your garden.

Leaf mold’s benefits are many:

Composted leaf mold mulch stimulates biological activity in the soil to create an environment that deflects pests while protecting roots

It keeps the soil warm throughout winter

Retains moisture by slowing water evaporation

It can hold up to 500 times it’s own weight in water

Releases beneficial fungus, bacteria and protozoa back into the soil

Can serve as both a seedling mix and soil conditioner because it loosens the soil and makes it easier for the roots to take nourishment

Can “drought-proof” your soil by increasing water-holding capacity by almost 50%.

Leaf mold is something your garden can never have too much of.  It can be used as a substitute for peat moss in potting mixes to increase aeration and water retention, or used abundantly to loosen up the thick, clay alkaline soil in Dallas.

Not only is it attractive mulch, its therapeutic benefits enrich all flowering plants, trees, and shrubs in your garden.


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