10 Ways to Make Your Garden More Green

April kicks off Earth Month, a time when the Lambert’s family of gardeners, designers, and nature’s caregivers celebrates our place on the planet by making it more green.

The strategic use of plants, turf, trees, and maintenance practices will make your real estate value stronger, your front and backyards more attractive and fun, and your home garden an environmentally safer place for your family and pets to live.

• Consider choosing high impact, high performing plant material, such as shrubbery, trees and groundcovers for visual interest.
• Take care of your turf areas.
• Select plants that are adapted or native to our area.
• Invest in a strategic water management plan that conserves and optimizes one of our most precious resources.
• Go natural with non-toxic plant health care, fertilizers and pest control applications.
• Invite pollinators and beneficial insects into your garden by including plant food sources they thrive on.
• Prune trees and shrubs regularly for aesthetics and to improve blooming and health.
• Enrich soil with organic mulch and compost.
• Plant low-maintenance, flowering perennials for texture and seasonal beauty.
• And, because we really love trees, plant more of them.

Reap the sustainable environmental benefits of making your corner of the world count. It’s pretty easy. If you live in Dallas Fort Worth, we’ve got your back on green.

Contact Ron Brown, Lambert’s and Moore Tree Business Development @ 214-350-8350.

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