August garden tips

The stress of a scorching hot summer followed by rapid decline in temps can take its toll on your garden. While many plants thrive during normal summer temperatures, the effects of the prolonged heat and intermittent rainfall, coupled with warm nights, can lead to compromised garden health, vigor and appearance.  In some cases, even the hardiest plants can be permanently weakened, if not completely lost.
With adequate care, the effects of stress can be minimized. Six tips for keeping your plants and trees healthy during the hottest time of the year include:
• Mulching to retain precious soil moisture, to protect root systems, and improve bed appearance.
• Applying compost tea and other organic solutions to replenish nutrients that can be leached from the soil with frequent irrigation.
• Performing weekly irrigation system checks to identify and quickly resolve coverage issues.
• Installing soaker hoses and supplemental water systems to assist new and/or struggling plantings.
• Hand-watering service on the days that overhead irrigation is restricted by city ordinance.
• Keeping weeds to a minimum to reduce competition for nutrients and water.

Plants pushed to the edge of their capabilities may not survive unusual weather patterns or extreme conditions and may need to be re-assessed during September’s return to milder conditions. 
?For questions or concerns regarding signs of heat stress in your garden, contact Melissa Livingston at 214-350-8350.

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