Green with envy


We happen to believe that organic fertilizers are good for your garden and worth your investment. And we believe this because our bio-nutritional programs, chemical-free pest control applications, and the naturally derived products we use to improve soil biology create an optimum and effective growing environment for all your plants and trees. They’re better in the long run, too, because the products we use are non-toxic, family-safe, and cause no harm to the environment, beneficial insects, pets or wildlife.

Trees, in particular, can benefit from root zone fertilization and added micronutrients. This process injects our high quality nutrient solution into the root zone, improving the oxygen content, microbial activity, and nutrient levels in the soil. Shrubs and turf grasses can benefit and thrive from our annual organic fertilizer programs, and treating your lawn with liquid based organic applications will convert your soil into an environment rich with biological activity.

The formulations of Lambert’s plant health care products are custom mixed to give your garden exactly what it needs to flourish. Schedule a site visit with one of our certified arborists or horticulturists and keep your landscape healthy all year long.
For information, contact Certified Arborist Wayne Hitt at: 214-352-6088
March 2016

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