Is your garden under the weather? Try a healing cup of compost tea.

Much of what ails your garden can be fixed by fixing its soil.

When the soil is healthy, it’s a rich universe of millions of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and good stuff for your garden. When this ecosystem is out of whack, your backyard plant kingdom can suffer.

To get an idea of how important soil is to the fitness and wellness of plant health, compare it to the human health benefits achieved from eating yogurt or blue-veined cheese. Assuming one is not lactose-intolerant, the facts are that ensuring healthy bio-diversity in the human organism is as important to optimal immunity against disease as is ensuring healthy bio-diversity in the soil for plant vitality.

The kind of bio-diversity we recommend is created by nature. In particular, compost. Not just because it’s organic, but because of the way compost’s biology works in and with plant systems. We think of it as a living solution to repair plants damaged by extreme weather, or to boost overall garden health and prevent disease.
?To make compost more readily absorbable, we make a soluble and nutritionally dense brew by steeping our proprietary compost formula in harvested rainwater to create the extract called compost tea.

Our compost tea is applicable for helping to heal winter plant damage. Currently, we’re seeing serious freeze burn from the sixth coldest winter on record. While much of the damage is cosmetic (like frozen leaves on Lorapetalum and azaleas), struggling buds point to stunted spring growth.

Compost tea can help.

A thriving landscape depends on having healthy soil and spring is the perfect time to re-build your soil’s food chain. When used in combination with other good organic gardening best practices, compost tea will balance your garden’s soil system and promote a more efficient distribution of nutrients.

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