It’s a jungle out there


These small but mighty terminators are worthy of Hollywood’s finest horror flick, and every garden habitat needs them.

Ladybugs, Green lacewings, and Praying mantis are some of the bugs wearing the white hats, the good guys who come to every garden’s defense when the first few bad guys appear on a warm spring day.

When nature is in balance, you will find a mix of destructive and beneficial insects in your garden.  And if you look closely, what you might see is a voracious and predatory ladybug dining happily on a rich meal of unfortunate aphids.

And she’s not alone.  There is an army of beneficial insects ready to emerge and eat or parasitize insects that are harmful to plants.  They are your garden’s most formidable allies.

Ladybugs (Lady beetles), as cute as they are deceptive, are tenacious warriors.  They prey and gorge on aphids and other soft-bodied insects and eat as many as 50 aphids per day.  When they lay eggs, each larvae will consume up to 400 aphids before entering their pupal stage.

Other helpful insects include dragonflies, whose primary food source is the mosquito, and the fairylike Green lacewing, a fierce devourer of aphids, caterpillars, mealy bugs, whiteflies and leafhoppers.  Leave them be. They are the most effective predators you can introduce to your garden.

The bottom line is that insects either defend or destroy your garden and knowing which ones do what is the key to understanding which ones to eliminate.  That’s where MooreLife Organics comes in.

If you approach garden care organically, MooreLife’s non-toxic formulas will not destroy the beneficial insects or compromise the nectar some insects need to live.

Lambert’s treats all its gardens with MooreLife products, including our popular application for mosquito control.  MooreLife’s mosquito formula will prevent disease-borne mosquitoes from breeding, reduce and/or eliminate mosquito populations, while allowing your garden’s hungriest defenders to thrive.

The good news?

MooreLife’s non-toxic formula won’t impact the good guys. Your garden will still have a good bug militia, including spiders, flies, beetles, worms, and other creatures, working on your garden’s behalf. Repay their efforts by not killing them.

Don’t let the most destructive force in your garden be the way you care for it.




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