Lambert’s non-toxic mosquito-free outdoor living


no-mosquitoesAn aggressive effort to reduce the toll taken by the mosquito-borne West Nile virus doesn’t have to be toxic to be successful. Lambert’s eco-friendly mosquito control treatments are targeted to the shady, moist areas in your landscape where mosquitos congregate. It is not a fogger and there is no keeping the dog indoors. The product is safe for ponds, fish and wildlife. When used in conjunction with smart water management, it will help reduce the mosquito population in your garden.


Mosquitoes breed wherever they can find standing water to lay their eggs. Protect yourself with these 10 landscape cleanup tips from Lambert’s:


?  Drain water or treat standing water

?  Repair leaky outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems

?  Fill low-level spots in your garden

?  Improve flowerbed drainage by digging trenches to allow water to flow and  absorb into the ground

?  Aerate ornamental ponds or add mosquito eating fish

?  Replace container plant saucers or fill with gravel

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