Lambert’s takes the guesswork out of watering

Weather-based irrigation controllers with on-site weather stations are central to Lambert’s water conservation initiative. Designed to help the firm’s clients save water and reduce costs. Lambert’s installs high-tech Weathermatic systems on job sites and residential properties which work by collecting data from the location that is being irrigated. Combined with site information such as plant type, precipitation rate and soil type, Smart Controllers create an irrigation schedule specific for the site that’s easy to adjust with changing weather conditions. Intelligent water systems come in a wide variety of configurations but all work to create an irrigation program based on matching changing weather patterns to the needs of the plants being watered.

Lambert’s advocates using water management tools capable of working with the restrictions and constraints of our region’s water use mandates. Multiple studies show these cutting edge systems deliver huge reductions in water use and many water utility companies are offering incentives to retrofit outdated home irrigation systems.

Our irrigation team offers services and solutions that increase water efficiency and create water savings for homeowners across greater Dallas. To learn more about what’s new in irrigation research and development and how it can save you money, call us at 214/350-8350.

For information on large-scale applications of water saving technology, check out the following article on UT Austin’s water resource program in the October 30 edition of the Dallas Morning News. Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.46.29 AM

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