Our go-to gourds for fall décor.

Whether you favor an expressive jack o’ lantern or a sumptuous pumpkin, gourds squash the competition when it comes to celebrating the holidays.

Ornamental gourds are taking over pumpkin patches and front doors as new varieties from growers are giving garden display artists and homeowners an increasingly vast array of these unique fruits to choose from.

Everyone wants something different and each year holiday staging has become much more fun as squash, gourds and pumpkins over-deliver on their ability to multi-task.

Horticulturists and décor stylists are embracing decorative foliage for their ability to dress up the last three months of the year and usually recommend that any holiday staging palette start at the point of entry, be it a gate, walkway or porch. With many varieties of gourds bred to be more disease resistant and long lasting, they can be strategically transitioned and integrated into cool winter displays with the addition of rustic twigs and other essential elements.

This year, embrace the drama of a saturated color mix starting with on-trend oranges, greys and deep saffron; as Thanksgiving approaches, add contrasting deep tones in pomegranate and cranberry. By the time Christmas and winter comes around, play off grey with texture, foliage, nuts, moss, and rich evergreens. Use simple, streamlined pieces for a refined finishing touch.

The plant kingdoms dazzling kaleidoscope of options allow for innovative approaches and are easily among the best and most colorful props to enhance any holiday experience.

Contact holiday plant stylist and staging designer Michelle Earle, Lambert Landscape Company, Dallas. 214-350-8350.

Photos courtesy Lambert’s © 2015

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