Paul Fields, ASLA

“If the soil is healthy, the plants will thrive. If the plants thrive, the landscape has the power to enhance not only the quality of life but also the ability to heal the land.”

Kimberly Golden

Kimberly Golden, MBA

“Outstanding customer service should be exhibited from every aspect of an organization. As the leader for accounting, information technology, purchasing and human resources it is my job to ensure accuracy while supporting our employees. High employee satisfaction will extend all the way to the client to create that overall positive experience they deserve.”


Jodi Joseph

“I lead a team of 14 managers that work with 22 crews on 226 gardens throughout the Metroplex. My strength is operations I love problem solving and the nuts and bolts of keeping business running smoothly, for the team and for our clients.”


Tom Nugent, ASLA

“Designing a landscape is like negotiating in a three-dimensional world. It requires a seamless choreography of integrated processes and functions from concept through construction, followed by the creation of requirements for the care of the garden as living, natural systems.”


Wayne Hitt, ISA Certified Arborist SO-6608A

“Losing a special tree that’s anchored your garden for years is like losing a member of the family. I’m working daily to improve methods for using eco-friendly solutions for your trees so they not only optimize the air we breathe but provide substantial, measurable returns to your landscape.”


Brenda Scott

“We must always remember the importance of communication with existing clients, no matter what the assignment. Customer service is what Lambert’s stands for and is imperative to what we do. As a result, we get to see how clients and their families enjoy what we have created with them and brought to life together.”


Denise Metzger

“Working with clients is what I enjoy most: taking pride in having their trust, knowing that I am looking out for them and making their happiness a priority.”