Paul Fields, PLA, ASLA

Director of Design, Development and Marketing

The American Society of
Landscape Architects

“If the soil is healthy, the plants will thrive. If the plants thrive, the landscape has the power to enhance not only the quality of life but also the ability to heal the land.”

Dan Morgan

Director of Sales and Quality

“As we approach our 100-year anniversary, I am reminded daily of how blessed we are to be invited into the homes, gardens, and lives of so many clients and friends. One garden at a time, my Lambert’s colleagues reaffirm our commitment to positive relationships through passion, skill, and professionalism. You see, we’re in the relationship business first and foremost and have been since day one.”

Kimberly Golden, MBA

Vice President of Business Operations

“Outstanding customer service should be exhibited from every aspect of an organization. As the leader for accounting, information technology, purchasing and human resources it is my job to ensure accuracy while supporting our employees. High employee satisfaction will extend all the way to the client to create that overall positive experience they deserve.”

Kristina Alonzo

Director of Human Resources

“It is my responsibility to keep up with our ever-changing society to ensure we continue to recruit top talent. In order to do that an organization must adapt to change. A new generation is entering the workforce and changing up the game. Companies must be able to switch gears and realize that just because certain things worked in the past, doesn’t mean those things will work in the future.”

Lindsey Page, TDA #0685835, ISA Certified Arborist TX-4387A

Director of Garden Services

International Society of Arboriculture

“I feel honored by the unique opportunity to take part in so many of the incredible landscape projects and horticultural endeavors Lambert’s is known for. Every day offers a new challenge and a chance to learn something fascinating. As Client Relations Manager, I consider exceptional communication and quality assurance to be paramount. However small the detail, my goal is to ensure all of our clients are left unconditionally satisfied with their investment in our work.”

Brenda Scott

Senior Garden Services Manager

“We must always remember the importance of communication with existing clients, no matter what the assignment. Customer service is what Lambert’s stands for and is imperative to what we do. As a result, we get to see how clients and their families enjoy what we have created with them and brought to life together.”

Evie Kincaid

Senior Garden Services Manager

“A beautiful garden is an oasis, a respite from the busy world. Lambert’s goal is to create and maintain that oasis for each of our clients. I love being part of a team striving to achieve that goal every day in every detail.”

Kathleen Rigodanzo

Garden Services Manager

“I get to play in some of the most beautiful gardens in the metroplex. I feel blessed.”

Eugene Westlake

Garden Services Manager

“They say home is where your heart is. It’s very humbling to me that our clients entrust us with this. I believe our work is one of privilege and honor. Our goal is always the same, to make the landscape look better than the client wants.”

Will Williams, IT #0006137, TCLP #772

Garden Services Manager

“A beautiful landscape can make a very powerful, lasting impact. I enjoy helping our clients create and maintain spaces where they can generate wonderful memories, share outdoor experiences with others, and leave everlasting impressions with everyone who encounters their garden.”

Jodi Joseph, LIT #2007, TCLP #684

Vice President of Production Operations

“Leading your team with a positive attitude and ethical values builds trust and brings out the best in people, which brings out the best in the organization and leads to great results.”

Doy Geller

Senior Project Manager

“We show our appreciation to our clients by striving to provide them with the best possible service. Recognizing that they have trusted us with such a significant investment and to invade their living space, humbles me. My first objective when starting a project is to let the client know that I am available at their convenience. I want to be the first one they call should they have a need or question. I believe that the calls we get after hours or that require an immediate response are the ones that give us the opportunity to honor that trust.”

Doug Park

Project Manager

“Every project has unique qualities. It is my responsibility as a project manager to recognize those qualities as well as the intent of the design and clients expectations, then exceed them by proper execution and customer service.”

Lew Martin

Project Manager

“Project Management bridges the relationship between design intent and execution… landscape architecture and personal experience. Attention to detail, always.”

Wayne Hitt, ISA Certified Arborist SO-6608A


International Society of Arboriculture

“Losing a special tree that’s anchored your garden for years is like losing a member of the family. I’m constantly looking for eco-friendly solutions that extend the lives of your trees and improve their overall health.”

Felix Jaimes, ISA Certified Arborist TX-4011A


International Society of Arboriculture

“Trees provide us with many positive benefits, environmental and personal health. If you have a tree on your property take care of it and keep it healthy so that you may enjoy the wonderful benefits they provide.”