Scale insects threaten backyard trees.

ScaleInsectsWaxy-looking parasites known as scale insects can suck the life out of your trees and shrubs. Managing them is easy, if tackled early. Wait too long and they can weaken the plant, slow its growth and severely damage the plant’s appearance.

Scale and mites, another sucking insect that causes damage to foliage, are both active in the spring. The best time to treat them is between February and March, before new buds open. A thorough application of non-toxic, horticultural grade dormant oil may be enough to bring about gradual control, while allowing natural enemies of scale and other beneficial insects become more abundant.

Live oaks, red oaks, boxwoods are most at risk. If left untreated, a decline in plant health may become evident.

For more information on plant health care and pest management strategies, contact Wayne Hitt, Certified Arborist. Lambert Landscape Company/Moore Tree @ 214-350-8350

February 2016

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