Water Management


Being smarter about water will change your garden for good.

Drought conditions in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas have been relieved with the recent rains associated with El Niño, but the long-range outlook for the next decade or more suggests that North Texas will remain on the dry side.

Our current El Niño weather pattern could be replaced this fall by La Niña, in which cooler Pacific temperatures lead to drier conditions in North Texas. In fact, the latest Climate Prediction Center forecast said there could be a 50% chance of La Niña forming between September and November, which could signal a return of drought conditions across Texas.

So what does this mean for Dallas area homeowners concerned about their gardens, lawns and landscape water conservation?

The immediate solution can be found in the ability of digital technology, combined with smarter approaches to planting, to monitor, conserve and use water better.

To ensure that your garden sustains its resilience throughout every season and weather challenge, there are six proactive things we recommend you do:

1) Be strategic and conservative with thirsty plants.
2) Position plants where they will benefit from what they need in terms of 
shade, sun and resources. 

3) Ensure that plants and trees grow deep roots. 

4) Mulch to cool the soil and keep it from drying out. 

5) Nourish with a mixture of minerals, organic matter, and the myriad micro-organisms that support plant life. 

6) Invest in digital irrigation control technology so that water is measured, monitored, and in sync with 
the precipitation patterns, community mandates, and the needs of your garden. 

Dallas-Fort Worth tops the nation’s fastest-growth list. As the fourth-largest metro area in the country and the largest in the southern U.S., the rapid increase of new homeowners creates a significant ripple effect in the increased demand for residential landscape water.

Getting your irrigation system in top working order now is a priority that, if left untended, could cost in water use and plant loss. With a few more weeks of climbing temperatures, irrigation crews across town will be stretched thin handling water emergencies. Like air conditioning, ensuring your cooling system works before a heat wave is far better – and cheaper – than waiting for someone to fix it when it’s a triple digit day.

Remember, too much water is no better than too little. When systems run in the middle of a rainstorm or spray water runs off the curb line to an awaiting storm sewer inlet is money going down the drain.

If you haven’t climbed aboard the technology bandwagon, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity. Ease of use, water savings, and reduced water bills are just three of the many benefits realized by our SmartLink wireless irrigation network users.

Call Lambert’s now to find out how weather-based digital technology can add to the heath, vigor and value of your garden, and ease your water bill. Schedule your appointment with our licensed irrigation specialists to ensure water is being delivered where you want it, when you want it, and in just the right amount.

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