What were we thinking?


We wanted our new advertising campaign to truthfully reflect the way we thought about the work we do. Our gardens are magical places capable of transporting visitors to far away places and different times in their mind.

We engaged the Lidji Design Office in Dallas to work with us in developing the next generation of Lambert’s identity. “A Lambert’s garden is a fashion statement, says creative director, Alan Lidji. It made perfect sense to present this extraordinary and storied company with an eye towards creating imagery that combined elegant fashion in beautiful Lambert’s gardens.”

Lidji collaborated with Dallas fashion photographer Geof Kern to come up with the 3 images that represent the 3 aspects of Lambert’s business, Studio, design/build, Garden, installation and maintenance and Arbor, tree care. The ads were shot on location of a recent Lambert’s garden creation  in Dallas.

The ads will run in D Home and LUXE magazine beginning in September 2013.

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