What’s infecting your boxwood?

Boxwoods are among our favorite hedge shrub. Although they can be excellent plants, they can fall prey to a number of invasive pests and root diseases.

They’re particularly susceptible to spider mites, microscopic insects with voracious appetites known to feed on leaf surfaces, causing distorted and discolored foliage. These mites overwinter on the undersides of the leaves and hatch in April, completing several generations each year. Left untreated, the population build-up can cause extensive damage.

Getting rid of spider mites is top priority. Lambert’s recommends biological mite control and non-toxic dormant or horticultural oils applied early in the season to kill mite eggs and dormant adults. As the oils work by contact, thorough coverage of the plant surface is required for optimum control.

Lambert’s offers insect and mite control through its plant health care program. Call our Garden Services team to schedule your appointment at 214-850-8350.

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