Why organic?

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If the garden is the body, the soil is its gut. And like good gut bacteria’s positive influence on the state of human health, a healthy balance of micronutrients, minerals, and organic matter are required for the garden’s interconnected system to reach its peak.

Chemical fertilizer takes its toll on soil, causing an imbalance and disturbing loss of micronutrients, minerals, and organic matter necessary for the soil to provide the foundation for plant fertility.

Feeding the soil organic matter via solutions like compost tea or custom blend mulch, instead of ammonia and other synthetic fertilizers, has proven to increase nutritional uptake in plants and trees.

More than a generation ago Lambert’s pulled traditional synthetic fertilizers and noxious pesticides off its shelves and shifted to an organic approach in caring for our gardens. For more than three decades, we’ve continued to refine this model and frankly, we’ve never looked back.

To us, it’s not just the data and the science that supports our position but also the way we feel about promoting a less toxic way to benefit from being outdoors. By reducing the toxic load and keeping chemical residue out of the air, water, soil, and human bodies, we believe we are simply promoting a better environment for all living things.

Our choice for organics puts us on the side of optimism. It may not offer the fastest way to better garden health due to its slow-release complexity, but we guarantee that it is the most optimal choice for a higher functioning garden overall.

Learn more about the benefits of Lambert’s organic plant health care program, our natural mosquito treatments, and non-toxic approach to weed control and plant disease prevention. Contact Kelly Jackson at (214) 352-6088

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